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Painting and Framing Standards

1. All art work must be dry, signed properly, framed, and under glass where necessary.


2. All work must be original, no copies of paintings or photographs taken by other than the artist. Art work must be done by the artist without aid of instructor-NO CLASS WORK. Artists often give each other constructive critiques so this can be acceptable, as long as the work is done by the artist alone and only brought to instructor, or fellow artist for a critique. Work can also have been critiqued by a Guild guest artist.


3. All paintings will be framed in unmarred frames. Artwork must be firmly attached. Hanging wire should  be attached to the frame by D-Ring hangers.  (Saw tooth hangers, string or frayed wire are not acceptable.)  It is recommended that the hangers be one-third down the side of the frame with arch of wire coming up to one-sixth below top of the frame and masking tape wrapped over ends of wire.


4. All paintings under glass or Plexiglas will be clean with no cracks, breaks, or unsightly deep scratches. No wire-clipped unframed glass will be accepted. All work will be framed in good quality wood or metal frames.


5. Previous AAG award-winning art work may be exhibited, but will not be included in judging. When entering such a piece, mark on front with a “post-it note”, NOT FOR JUDGING. Only exception will be an open juried show sponsored by AAG, open meaning open to all artists, outside of AAG membership.

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