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Constitution And By-Laws  Revised June 2014  


The name of this club shall be the Aurora Artists Guild (AAG), a non-profit organization with headquarters in the City of Aurora, State of Colorado.  


Article 2: PURPOSE 

The purpose of the Aurora Artists Guild shall be to foster  and perpetuate the ideals of visual fine arts, to associate together, to  realize the advantages and pleasures of art, to impress a sense of personal  obligation to the novice members in assisting and instructing  art to foster participation of public arts and museums; to maintain a  state of constructive criticism and helpful advice; to instill a spirit of  friendship and loyalty to our community and nation; to receive, preserve,  and display objects for a greater knowledge and appreciation  of visual fine arts, and to provide instruction/education through  workshops and classes.  


Article 3: MEMBERSHIP  

1. Any person interested in visual fine arts is eligible for  membership.  

2. Membership is open to persons living in or outside the  city of Aurora, Colorado.  

3. Yearly dues are payable each January and are not prorated.  


Article 4: OFFICERS  

Section 1. The elective officers of this club shall consist of a  President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary.  


Section 2. The above elected officers shall constitute the  Executive Board.  


Section 3. The president shall appoint a Historian, Newsletter  Editor, Web Master, Membership Chair, and Gateway Show  Chair to serve for one term (one year).  


Article 5: FINANCE  

Section 1. The finances of this Guild shall be derived from  dues, donations, gratuities, gifts, show entry fees, and other sources  approved by the Guild.  


Section 2. All other sources of revenue and/or fund raising  enterprises shall be approved by this Guild prior to acceptance.  


Section 3. The annual dues of this Guild shall become payable on the first day of September of each calendar year.



Section 1. Amendments may be proposed by any Guild  member.  


Section 2. The proposed amendment shall be discussed at  the Board meeting.  


Section 3. The proposed amendment shall be printed in the  newsletter prior to the monthly meeting upon which it will be voted. 


Section 4. The amendment must be approved by a simple  majority of membership present.  



Section 1. The Guild shall meet at least 10 times a year,  place and time as agreed.  


Section 2. Special meetings of the Guild may be called by  the president. Twenty-four (24) hours notice of such a meeting and  its purpose shall be given to all members in good standing.  


Section 3. All matters for which no other provision is made  shall be decided by a majority vote of all members in good standing,  present and voting.  


Article 2: ELECTIONS  

Section 1. All officers of this Guild shall be elected at the  regular May meeting of each year and installed at the August meeting.  


Section 2. A slate of officers with one or more names for  each office shall be presented to the membership. Nominations may  be made from the floor provided consent of the nominee has been  obtained in advance.  


Section 3. The slate of officers to be elected are: President,  Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Any other office will be  filled by the direction of the incoming President.  


Section 4. All voting for the election of officers shall be  made by secret ballot except when there is only one candidate for  office; then election may be declared upon motion and acclamation.  


Section 5. All officers are elected for a term of 1 year and  any officer may stand for re-election.  


Section 6. All members in good standing shall have the right  to vote in this Guild.  


Section 7. In the event of a vacancy in any office, the Executive  Board shall appoint a member of the Guild to fill the office  for the unexpired term.  Section 8. No member shall hold more than one elective  office at the same time in this Guild.  


Article IV: DUTIES  

Section 1. The President shall be the presiding officer. The President shall appoint the necessary committees to carry on those  duties for the efficient operation of the Guild. The President shall be the ex-official member of all committees except the nomination committee.  


Section 2. The Vice-President shall perform all the duties required  of him/her by the President and in the absence of the President,  shall act as the presiding officer. The Vice-president shall also  act as or appoint a Program/Workshop and/or Chairperson and/or  a Show Chairperson. The Vice-President shall be the ex-official member  of all programs/workshop and show committees.      


       A. The Program/ Workshop Chairperson shall plan all programs, demonstrations, and activities for the monthly meetings; arrange any workshops that the Guild wishes  to sponsor, work with the Bicentennial Art Center in scheduling workshops to be printed in the City of  Aurora quarterly publication, “Leisure for life”    


      B. The Show Chairperson shall act as supervisor over all the  Guild-sponsored shows. He/she may serve as or appoint  a Show Chairperson for individual shows. If appointed for  a particular show, that person will be in charge and may  appoint a temporary committee to plan and carry out the  duties for that show.  


Section 3. The Treasure shall keep a complete and accurate  record of all finances of the Guild; receive and dispense all monies  as this Guild may direct and approve; collect and preserve all receipts  for such expenditures; keep an accurate and complete record  of all Guild members and Guild property; keep all records of this  Guild in such a condition that an audit may be had at any time; and  perform any additional duties required of him/her by the President.  Membership information will be disbursed by the Treasurer to the  President and Membership Chair.  


Section 4. The Secretary shall keep accurate and complete  records of all meetings (membership, executive board, and Guild  meetings) and perform other duties (such as correspondence) as required.  


Section 5. The duties of the various committee chairpersons  shall be delegated to them by the President of the Guild with the exception  of the Program/Workshop chairperson and the Show  Chairperson, which are under the Vice-President.  


    A. The Newsletter Editor shall gather pertinent information  and news and compile a newsletter to be sent to each  current member. He/she will print the Guild directory  and keep an up-to-date list of members with physical  addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers.      


    B. The Publicity Chairperson shall see that print and audio  publicity is given in a timely fashion to all area media and  arrange for radio or TV coverage of events the Guild  deems worthy.    


    C. The Historian shall keep the history of the Guild current  and in an accessible form for the membership.      


    D. The Web Master shall arrange for a web site and keep the  site current.      


    E. The Membership Chair shall keep the membership list  updated. Such information shall be given to other Board  members.    


    F. All officers shall act as agents and representatives of this  organization and shall at all times respect the lawful  rights of all members and shall conduct their offices in  accordance with the Constitution and By-laws of this  - Guild.  


Article V: FINANCE  

Section 1. The fiscal year shall begin September 1.


Section 2. All members shall pay annual dues as set by the finance committee with the approval of the Executive Board.  


Section 3. Expenditure of Guild monies over $150 must  have the approval of the Board. 


Section 4. An auditing committee of three (3) shall be appointed by the president to approve the treasurer’s books in June of each year before the transfer of office in August.



Section 1. All amendments to these by-laws shall be offered  and made in conformity with Article VI of the constitution of this  Guild.   


Section 2. All matters not covered herein or in the constitution  of this Guild shall be governed by the Roberts Rules of Order,  Revised.  



Section 1. Any interested party or Guild member with any  actual or possible conflict of interest must disclose to the officers  the existence of the interest and all material facts.  


Section 2. The officers shall meet and discuss the interest  and material facts with the interested party, who then shall leave the  meeting while the disinterested officers discuss and vote on the  transaction or arrangement involving the possible conflict of interest  taking into account what is in the best interest and benefit and is fair  and reasonable for the Aurora Artists Guild. The officers will make  reasonable efforts to obtain a more advantageous transaction or arrangement  with a disinterested party that would not give rise to a  conflict of interest. Applicable decisions by the officers will be printed in the monthly newsletter. 


Section 3. The officers shall take appropriate disciplinary and corrective action with any interested party or Guild member  who fails to disclose an actual or possible conflict of interest.  


Constitution & By-Laws      

Adopted March, 1960,        Amended March, 1965,     Revised October, 1969 ,    Revised April, May & 1970    Revised November, 1974,    Revised April, 1976,    Revised May, 1978,    Revised May 1985,    Revised May, 1994,        Revised May, 1995,         
Revised August, 2008,      Revised March, 2009,      Revised April, 201 0  




1. Members shall:      

    a. Serve on a committee      

    b. Assist with shows      

    c. Participate in Guild activities during the year.  

2. A newsletter shall be provided to all members in good standing  


3. The Guild directory shall be published yearly and will contain as  a minimum:      

    a. Address, phone number and e-mail address of all  members  in good standing.      

    b. List of officers and committee chairs.  


4. One bank account shall be kept and signed by treasurer and/or President. Normal Guild expenditures such as postage, printing of newsletter, ribbon purchases, etc.,   payment of guest demonstrators  will be handled routinely.  


5. Any expenditure over $150 will need to be approved by the Executive  Board.  


6. Any money in the bank account at the end of the Fiscal year  shall be carried over for the following year.  


7. Following the installation of officers, a training time shall be set  aside for the transfer of supplies and duties of each outgoing  officer to help the corresponding incoming officer.  





All active Guild members in good standing (dues paid) may enter art  work in a Guild-sponsored show.  A Judged Show is a show where awards, ribbons or  prizes will be given.  A Members Show is for AAG dues-paying members  only.  Additional information on all shows is presented in the  AAG newsletter.  


General Information for Juried and Judged Shows:  

A Juried show is a show in which submitted artwork is judged by a  paid professional to determine which artwork will be allowed into  the show. All works in a Juried show must meet the Guild’s painting  and framing standards. Artwork may be Juried from slides, digital  photos or original artwork. The jury process is used to increase the  overall quality of the show and/or to limit the total amount of artwork  in the show. Artist submitting artwork to a Juried show are  responsible for picking up any work not selected for entry into the  show, usually on the same day the artwork is submitted. Time and  place will be announced before the show. Awards, ribbons, and/or  prizes are given.  


General Guidelines for rotating Shows:  

Rotating shows are generally set up so Guild members can hang  their work for a 1- or 2-month period for selling purposes. The  Guild has agreements with various businesses to use their wall space  for hanging artwork. There may or may not be a commission to the  Guild or businesses for artwork that sells. Rotating shows are open  to all members of the Guild.  

      • Artists are responsible for hanging their own work  unless the business has their own hanging requirements.  Artists are responsible for the sales of their work,  including sales tax.  

      • Artists hang work at their own risk with no insurance  provided in most cases.  

      • Artists are encouraged to visit any location ahead of  time to determine number of paintings to be hung.  Hanging space may be shared with other members.  

      • Artist’s name, Title of painting, Medium, Price and  phone number must be included on back of artwork  as well as on an AAG card displayed on the front with  pertinent information.  Approved guidelines for framing and matting must be followed for all shows.  








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