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Juried, Judged and

Rotating Shows.....

General Information for Juried and Judged Shows

A juried show is a show in which submitted artwork is judged by a paid professional to determine which artwork will be allowed into the show. Jurying may be done from either slides, CD or original artwork. The jury process is used to increase the overall quality of the show and or to limit the total amount of artwork in the show. Artists submitting artwork to a juried show are re-sponsible for picking up any work not selected for entry into the show, usually on the same day the artwork is submitted. Time and place will be announced before the show. Awards, ribbons, and or prizes are given.
• A Judged Show is a show where awards, ribbons, or prizes will be given.
• A Member’s Show is for AAG dues-paying members only.
• An Open Show is open to anyone meeting the qualifications set for that show.
• Additional information on all shows is presented in the AAG newsletter.


General Guidelines for Rotating Shows

Rotating shows are generally set up so Guild members can hang their work for a specified period for selling purposes. The Guild has agreements with various venues to use their wall space for hanging pictures. There may or may not be a commission to the Guild or businesses for artwork that sells. Rotating shows are open to all members of the Guild.
•  Artists are responsible for hanging their own pieces, working with show chairperson and showplace representative.
• Artists are responsible for the sales of their work, including sales tax.
• Artists hang work at their own risk with no insurance provided.
• Artists name, Title of painting, Medium, Price and phone number must be on back of art-work as well as an AAG card
   displayed on front with pertinent information.
• Approved guidelines for framing and matting must be followed for all shows.


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