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Some history.....

History of the Aurora Artists Guild

Karl Walters was a master artist who wished to bring artists of Aurora together and began the Aurora Artists Guild in 1960. Originally named the Aurora Art Club, the first meeting was held in the basement of the East Colfax branch of Western Federal Savings & Loan, with subsequent meetings held at the north branch of Western Federal Savings & Loan.


         In 1971, the Aurora Art Club began meeting in the community room of the Aurora Central Library, temporarily moving to the Fox Theater, and then back to the Library. At this time, the members voted to change the name of the art club to the Aurora Artists Guild (AAG) to better describe the purpose of the group, which is to promote continual learning and growth of members.

         Over the years, the Aurora Artists Guild has hosted art shows at Hoffman Heights Shopping Center, Buckingham Square Mall, and Aurora Mall. In 1995, AAG began hosting the Gateway to the Rockies Art Exhibit which has become an international competition drawing entries from artists throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. The show has grown to over 1,500 attendees with increased sales and show quality that continues yearly.


         The Aurora Artists Guild has exhibited at the Temple Buell Theater, Boettcher Concert Hall, the Chez Artiste Theater, Stella's Coffee House, the Republic Plaza building and  the Denver Press Club. Additional venues include The Wildlife Experience, Driscoll Center at Denver University, Colorado Department of Transportation, Hope United Methodist Church and the South Suburban District which includes the Goodson, Buck, and Lone Tree Recreation Centers.


         AAG continues to dedicate itself as a group to provide artists in Aurora and the surrounding area an opportunity to work together, encourage one another, educate, and promote fine arts.

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